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Metadata objects represent a set of (possibly bibliographic) statements describing another object in the repository as a single record. These statements are assertions made by a single Agent.

Core Components

All components are optional unless indicated otherwise. Components from other namespaces or models are not represented here.


  • itemId (From OAI model) - Indicates that if the record is served out via an OAI-PMH server, it is to have the given OAI ItemId.
  • uniqueId - An identifier that uniquely identifies a given metadata record within a single MetadataProvider.
  • visibility - (From OAI model) Indicates the visibility of the object to OAI-PMH services.


  • annotates - Specifies that the object described by this Metadata annotates another.
  • metadataFor required - Specifies the object(s) that a Metadata object is describing
  • metadataProvidedBy required - Specifies the one provider that is the origin of the Metadata.


  • format_nsdl_dc - Contains DublinCore Metadata statements about the object(s) described by the Metadta record.
  • format_nsdl_dc_info (From OAI model) - Content desired to be put in the "about" section if served out via OAI-PMH.
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