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Note: This page is just a stub/outline

This page intends to explain how libraries may be defined and implemented in NCore based on membership and projection in aggregators.

  • Library = Content (Resources & Aggregators) + Metadata
    • Content demarcated by projection. Metadata demarcated by projection as well
    • Does it make sense for these to be a member of one unifying projection marking the library as a whole, or does it make sense to require content and metadata projections to be orthogonal?
    • Should there be there any required property or relationship labelling a library as a library, or is it all a matter of perspective?
      • Does it make sense for the API to be aware of libraries, in the sense that one may restrict operations to entirely within a library, for example?
  • Rules determine what is in or not in a library. Primarily:
    • Rule 1: All resources in the the content projection are in the library
    • Rule 2: Metadata is in the library only if it is in the metadata projection AND it describes a resource in the library
    • Is there a need for any more rules?
      • Exclusion of individual resources. ie. "all resources in content projection but NOT in the 'banned' projection are in the librart
      • Are additional rules up to the implementation to decide, or is there a formal set of Rules that define a library, including content projection, metadata projection, excluded content projection, excluded metadata projection?

Additional issues/questions

  • Indexing a library - would this be an argument for a 'standard' representation, restricted rule set, so that one could build a general NCore library indexer?
  • Indexing stuff outside library - would this be general practice? Will this be implementable in Lucene?
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