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Current Work Plan

Updated 05/09/07 elly

Current List (DONE!)

  • [X] User testing of NSDL NDR Publish Popup
  • [X] Adding blogs to NDR for EV Editors
  • [X] Stylesheet cleanup
  • [X] User testing of NSDL Search Popup
  • [X] Modify component of NSDL NDR Publish Popup
  • [X] Get Omniture setup on current code on production server - done except params.
  • [X] Finish WPMU upgrade, branch CVS, fix rest of the bugs in dev - done except future upgrade/release, Check
  • [X] Take a look at OpenQA code, conclusion "no" (see blogging-group archive 8/2/06)
  • [X] AskA content - CWIS - msg sent to Cathy, waiting for Blythe (8/1/06)
  • [X] RP/SVG - NSTA - Sept 26th
  • [X] Spam plan (see blogging-group archive 8/3/06)
  • [X] Creative commons license when first logging in.

Related work (Done!)

  • AskNSDL pairs.
  • Ingest to MR/NDR - only collection level.
  • OpenQA - StoryStarter. Not spending anymore time on it

New EV tables and top level blog defaults plugin (ev_audience, ev_audience_blog, see wiki for details)

New blog default auto settings - plugin (working on)

  • [X] new blog form from wpmu developers - added audience and added to admin (done)
  • [X] setup build to delete wp-signup.php which allows anyone to create blog (done)
  • [X] add wp-register.php to wpmu-fixes-delete-file (turned off in settings)
  • [X] creates default categories and links for new blogs
  • [X] auto turnon plugins and enable EV themes.

Admin/editor tools for monitoring and managing blogs

  • [X] New blog form with audience (done)
  • [X] Edit existing blog audience (done)
  • [X} Add blog to NDR(MR) (part of NDR publish plugin)
  • User blog membership display
  • [ON HOLD] Edit audience list
  • [X} Convert Admin theme to EV style.

Get Gateways functional in new setup (build into theme and plugin(s))

  • WhoSays (need to get back to popup)
  • [X] Observation tower - (moved below recentposts)
  • [X] HotTopics - topical quanitative, bug with main blog
  • [X] RecentPosts - quanitative (make global view, functional, needs stylizing)
  • [X] RecommendedPosts - vetted by blog admin -> Observation Tower
  • [ON HOLD] TalkedAbout NSDL Resources - blog admin option (nonexistent)


  • [X] Review and fix authentication issues r/t new setup
  • [X] Finish/fix NDR search plugin - needs Landing page link and issue fixed with cursor
  • [X] Add option for user email on registration since not required for

NDR publish plugin - done! - elly

  • Add EV to NDR
  • Add blog to NDR (admin tool)
  • Add blog post to NDR
  • Add resource to NDR
  • NDR resource url tagging - post process

Audience-specific RSS for audience pages - done!

  • Figure out how WP does it
  • Talk to SC and AC.

Administrative - done!

  • Link to EV from
  • Poster for AnnMtg (10/18)
  • User documentation (ongoing)
  • Update wiki feedback and notes (ongoing)
  • User testing and repairs (email, survey, walk-thrus) (ongoing)
  • Archiving process for inactive or expired blogs (criteria and code functionality).

Changes and fixes 9/20/06


  • check nightly for better prettyhtml
  • go over terry's email list
  • go over clt email from before

Reg/Login rethink....

  • change login link to "sign on" (remove "registered users)
  • remove extra links

Formating toolbar

  • mac and editing??? FF ok, IE ok, Safari a problem (doc)


  • Archive page " add comments"
  • note about moderated comments for closed blogs


  • Links not working in FF when logged in

FAQ/Tutorials left

  • adding bookmarks/links to sidebar

Fix HotTopics

  • cat needs adding to main blog issue
  • counts are wrong cuz includes main blog and pages


  • blog update vs post date

Links in sidebar

  • IE * adding a carrot to li in sidebar
  • Archives vs Past Posts
  • survey
  • RecentPosts and ObsTower
  • subscribe plugin
  • Google for help (other blogs?)

New theme for short*lived blogs

  • nsdl*limited
  • 3 posts (set option)
  • no contributors
  • no archives
  • no cats?
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