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User Feedback and Bug Reports

Post Beta Use Cases (8/06)

  1. "I'm working with K12 teachers, doing professional development workshops that have them creating web pages in the Instructional Architect, which has installed Shibboleth. After the workshops, we'd like to offer some virtual support or way for teachers to interact around using their lessons in the classroom. It would be nice to use EV for this, and if Shibb were installed, then that's one less login that teachers have to go through. Down the road, it would be nice to put links to an EV discussion right next to the resources they create." (sg)
  2. Potential for private internal blogs for pathways (em)

Summarized up to 6/12/06 (from email, mail lists, meetings, and phone conversations) - elly

! updates 8/06


  • Tagline text - html tags? (cmm mail), see locked posts as a solution. Posters need to keep tagline concise (editorial docs) (cmm email)


  • EV style match? (cmm)


  • Post title "Edit Comments" -> "Add a Comment" (cmm mail)
  • Bottom of post "Number of comments: * | Add a Comment (jb/cmm) [fixed]
  • Preview comment before submitting (ac)
  • Moderation double email issue (terry) [fixed]
  • Settings, stop words (sc), image letters (svg) - check on existing plugin [done]
  • Text and urls are "funky" [FIXED in style.css, justify->left, increased size and changed link color]


  • Consistent theme use and names [close]
  • See for changes to layout (ejc) [done]
  • Breadcrumbs not working for audience gateway - we don't want befuddled users (sc) [workaround]
  •  ! Consistent style for dates in WhoSays and ObsTower (sc)
  •  ! New graphics for WhoSays audience titles (nd/cmm) [done]
  •  ! Popup of blogs for treemap (nd)

Image/file UPLOADS

  • Files not uploading (cmm) [fixed]
  • Image size and format info (FAQ?) (cmm)


  • Wordpress links? Why not showing up in Links admin? Can delete in db? (clt mail) [fixed]
  • "Blogroll" -> "Links" by default or something more meaningful (cmm mail) [fixed]
  • Change indent on long links, add padding (cmm mail) [verify fixed]


  • Email for permission should go to blog admin (not developer) (ejc) [verify fixed]
  • Process needs to be clearer and timely (cmm/ejc) [fixed]

NDR Feed

  • ON HOLD til NDR API ready to try out again


  • Locking posts at the top. (cmm mail)
  • Time zone displayed and setting for user (svg)
  • Mismatched authors (cmm email) [fixed]
  • "Posted by" vs "Written by" (cmm - terry) [not changed]
  • Default GEM categories for posts (ejc) [done]


  • ON HOLD til resource-centric is further along
  • Results don't match (resource-centric static file?) (dk)
  • Search results pagination (dk)
  • Back button requires refresh (dk)

Other plugins

New Intro text

[REVISION COMPLETE] Introducing The Experimental [fixed] Version of Expert Voices (cmm/em) [should label dev]

Welcome to Expert Voices. Currently teachers and volunteers from NSDL Pathways Projects are assisting NSDL Core Integration developers in testing the system by participating in Expert Voices discovery team conversations. Discovery teams are typically composed of any combination of content experts, instructors, librarians, curriculum developers, or other experts who coordinate and moderate blog discussions by posing initial topics or questions, providing new blog entries, and responding to comments and questions. You may add your comments to interesting conversations now underway including: Boneyard Science: Investigating Forensics <>; Teaching Measurement at the Middle School Level <>; Presentation of Math on the Web <>, and The NSDL News Topic Center <>.

Expert Voices uses weblog technology to support collaborative STEM conversations among content experts, scientists, teachers, and students from key NSDL audience groups: K12 teachers, university faculty, librarians, and library builders. Moderated conversations are designed to tie NSDL resources to science news and add context for resources that enhance discovery, selection and use. The public beta version of Expert Voices will be released in Fall 2006.

  • New blog default database changes - links?, categories?
    • Post category default categories - gem topics
    • Blogroll to Links (or something), other default link categories? [FIXED short term]
    • Remove links [FIXED short term]
  • Theme changes
    • Change "Post Topics" and "Sub Pages" [FIXED short term]
    • Fix comment style and url breaks [FIXED]
  • Table for all post/comments views?
  • Consistent gateway and theme css style names
  • FAQ's
    • Adding categories and link categories
    • Registering and logging in

Current blogs

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