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Implementation Details


  • Gateway
    • Turned into a theme
    • Created EV Admin plugin to support displays and functionality
    • WhoSays (looking at php options for graphing/charts)
      • Needs to be more extensible - more than 4 audience categories,
      • In more than one audience categories?
    • EditorSays (links to posts in editor blog)
    • RecentPosts (at the blogosphere level)
    • HotTopics (checkout existing cloud views and OpenQA plugin)
    • TalkedAbout NSDL Resources (link to NSDL resource by handle and to post)
    • RecommendedPosts (by blog admins)
  • New site and NewBlog plugin
    • defaults and configurations.
  • NDR Search
    • Jim proposes using admin menus vs popups?
  • NDR Connection
    • Screen flow: specifications for the process of adding/referencing NDR resources and including metadata about them
  • Authentication
    • Jim looking into revamping this plugin within the theme (7/11/06)
  • Anti-spam plugin


  • NSDL default
  • NSDL gateway (see EvGateway)

WPMU upgrades

  • Upgraded to rc4 on 7/27/06, Version 1 soon to be released.
  • With the new file system, the cvs module ExpertVoices now has a branch for patches
    • rel-alpha-patchs

NDR Integration

  • Is EV a collection in MR/NDR?
  • Need help getting searchbox to search only in EV Collection (REST syntax)

NSDL.ORG Integration

  • Will replace AskNSDL link when released
  • Omniture code in place for collecting stats
    • Need to determine if any vars we want to collect still.

Database issues

  • new wordpress database tables will start with ev_ vs the wp_ prefix.
  • debating about continuing to use the wp_ExpertVoices table - Replaced with ev_audience and ev_audience_blog
  • look at gateway plugins for db requirements (see EvGateway)

Existing table: wp_ExpertVoices
Field name Values
id auto_increment
type audience, most_recent_post
field audience (k12, nsdl, univ, librarian), most_recent_post (none)
value audience (blogID), most_recent_post (postID)
New Table: ev_audience
audienceID 1
name k12
displayName K-12 Teachers
imageurl /images/home/library_say.jpg
New Table: ev_audience_blog
audienceID 1
blogID 1
OTHER? Not sure.
Table: ev_*
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