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This page is for internal NSDL developers who need to install or make changes to the NSDL ExpertVoices code base. This page augments WordPress MU See install and usage information and is specific to the NSDL implementation.



SVN Repository

The files to build ExpertVoices and the plugins distributions are in a SVN repository.

Archive CVS Repository

The old CVS files and development history are archived in the CVS repository.

  • Server =
  • Connection = extssh
  • CVSROOT = /cvsroot/expertvoices
  • Repository = ExpertVoices
  • You must be a member of the citi group and able to ssh to
  •  % cvs co ExpertVoices

This project also uses the shared css files found in nsdlutil (copied into SVN version)

  • Server =
  • Connection = extssh
  • CVSROOT = /cvsroot/nsdldev
  • Repository = nsdlutil
  • You must be a member of the nsdldev group
  •  % cvs co nsdlutil

Bug tracking

There is a project on JIRA for ExpertVoices (ldap login).

Web server locations

There is a production build on ( and a development build on ( See the apache virtualhost config for these sites. WordPress MU is setup to use mysql as the backend database on these servers.

  • Developement = (/var/www/html/expertvoices)
    • expertvoices is a sym link for /var/www/html/expertvoices-DEV
    • Sym link can be changed to use expertvoices-PROD or expertvoices-DEV-26 which are set to use a corresponding database in mysql.
  • Production = (/var/www/html/expertvoices)

Build information

The sites are built using ant. The build.xml uses an environment variable called "EV_CONFIG". You can update the build directory from CVS and build either the development or production sites from there.

  • Build src = /usr/local/src/ExpertVoices
  • Check what "EV_CONFIG" is set for and change as needed
  1.  % echo $EV_CONFIG (phpdev or production)
  2.  % export EV_CONFIG=phpdev
  3.  % ant rebuild_all
  • Commonly used ant targets (see developer docs in project for more info)
    • rebuild_all (rebuilds expertvoices, third party plugins, and nsdl files)
    • rebuild_EV (only does nsdl files)

Local login

The development and production sites use Shibboleth for authentication, but you can login locally as admin.

See Jim for admin passwords.

New install

  • Create an XAMPP environment
  • Check out the ExpertVoices project from CVS (see above)
  • Create or copy a * to match your environment (see ExpertVoices/properties/*)
  • Build the web directory
    •  % ant rebuild_all
  • In a browser, go to the new web location and walk through WordPress MU install screens
  • Make a backup copy of your local [web_dir]/expertvoices/wp-config.php

Upgrading WordPress MU

  • Be sure you have a good backup of the expertvoices database and uploaded files. You'll need the database username and pwd.
    •  % ant backup
  • Copy the tar of the new version into ExpertVoices/wpmu/. (currently using wordpress-mu-1.3.3.tar)
  • Edit ExpertVoices/properties/ to change the tar and release name to match new version.
wpmu_source_tar =          ${wpmu_source_dir}/wordpress-mu-1.3.3.tar
wpmu_release_name =        wordpress-mu-1.3.3

See Jim for the existing existing database passwords.

Upgrading issues with WPMU-2.6

  1. Major jump in the version, uses WordPress 2.6 which has a very different admin screen. Could lead to user issues and definitely causes problems with the display of the NSDL EV plugins.
  2. I had to backup and delete the .htaccess and wp-config.php and re-run the install web page to get it to work. Once that part is done, log in and change the theme for the top blog to nsdl-gateway. Then I ran the database upgrade script from the Site Admin - Upgrade tab.
  3. You may need to edit the wp-config.php for the new auth keys if upgrading on production, it will give you this information in the Site Admin screens after you log in.
  4. Testing upgrade on phpdev
    1. There's another codebase: /usr/local/src/ExpertVoices-26
    2. For this build, I registered and configured a test domain:
    3. Edited the _common_properties in SVN to use the "expertvoices-DEV-26" webroot_dir.
    4. To build on using WPMU 2.6: rm the sym link for /var/www/html/expertvoices and redo it to use the expertvoices-DEV-26 directory. You should also change the database in wp-config.php to use expertvoices instead of expertvoices-26 or fix the following values since expertvoices-26 is using the upgrade test domain ( the values are wrong in "wp_{blogid}_options.siteurl", "wp_{blogid}_options.home" and "wp_site.domain" and should point to for it to work with that domain.
  5. I had to turn off the shib plugin to be able to access the backend admin screens
  6. Plugin buttons not displaying: search, ndr. The ndr plugin works in the Site admin so I think the functionality is ok.
  7. Plugins upgraded: subscribe_me (no admin), geopress, sociable
  8. Plugin not upgraded: anarchy media player - 2.0 seems broken.
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