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Vocabulary Development for the NSDL

NOTE: As of 2007 March 01 this page is out of date and NSDL vocabulary developement has been assigned to a newly reformed NSDL Metadata Working Group. Ths new NSDL Metadata Working Group is developing Best Practices for the NSDL_DC metadata framework including vocabulary terms, term definitions, field definitions, cataloging best practices and XML examples. The web page for this group is currently at:

On June 10-11, the NSDL held a Vocabulary Workshop in Washington, DC. Approximately 20 people, some affiliated with NSDL projects or NSDL Core Infrastructure, others experts in vocabularies and vocabulary development, gathered to begin the process of developing a vocabulary strategy for the NSDL. The focus was on Audience terms (including Education Level and Mediator) and a resource type vocabulary for educational materials. Discussions around Interactivity Level vocabulary and Pedagogy were also part of the workshop.

Presentations at the workshop:

Other workshop materials:

Tutorials and training materials:

Links to other relevant work happening elsewhere:


A discussion list for this group can be found at: Metamanagement-Vocabularies

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