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Guidelines / Best Practices for OAI Service Providers and Harvesters

  • SP to SP communication
    • Sharing commonly needed and desired features among SPs
      • features vs. data
        • registry of set descriptions?
        • registry of deleted record implementation settings?
    • Sharing ways to recover from DP errors
      • DP OAI compliance error reporting (centralized)
    • Test suite for OAI harvesters (Simeon)
  • DP issues (also see DataServiceCommunications)
    • Deleted records
    • Dependence on DP practices
      • e.g. transient deleted records at DP imply SP must do what for its own deleted rec implementation?
    • SetPractices
  • Clustering analysis
    • Share tools and strategies among SPs
    • SVM approach
    • NMF per Martin
    • Use full-text
    • NSDL-iVia autogen md approach
  • Harvesting issues
    • Transitive closure issues, i.e., harvesting loops by aggregators
      • Can provenance solve this?
    • How to be a well-behaved harvester?
      • e.g., 503 response for novices, throttle on server (Simeon)
      • When XML schemas are inaccessible (due to network glitch, server temporarily down, etc.)
    • Record identifier changes (data providers are not required to keep the same identifier for the same record)
      • Periodic "clean slate" reharvests are recommended for updating since <oai-identifier> elements cannot be relied upon from harvest to harvest
  • Metadata issues (see also MetadataContent and [GeneralOAICommunity Strategies and Tools])
    • Metadata Formats (see also MultipleMetadataFormats)
      • Acquiring and processing metadata formats other than oai_dc
      • crosswalks
        • from Jeff Young
        • NSDL safe transforms - Naomi
        • Name authority issues
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