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Learning Resource Type Vocabulary, Version 2


As of 2007 March 01 this page is out of date and NSDL vocabulary developement has been assigned to a newly reformed NSDL Metadata Working Group. Ths new NSDL Metadata Working Group is developing Best Practices for the NSDL_DC metadata framework including vocabulary terms, term definitions, field definitions, cataloging best practices and XML examples. The web page for this group is currently at:


  • Definition: A condensed version of a larger piece of work outlining the major points and conclusions.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Source of definition: DLESE
  • UF: Summary
  • [Note that DCMI has an element refinement called "Abstract" for which it uses the definition: "A summary of the content of the resource."]


  • Definition: A comment (usually added to a text)
  • Source of definition: Hyperdictionary
  • [Note: Changed to singular from plural, to match noun forms of other terms]
  • UF: Review
  • UF: Comment


  • Definition: In publishing, an article is a piece of nonfictional prose that is an independent part of a publication (such as a book, journal, magazine, or newspaper). This sense of article overlaps with the usage of the word essay. In an encyclopedia or other reference work, an article is a primary division of content.
  • Source of defintion: Wikipedia
  • UF: Research paper
  • UF: Research article
  • UF: Peer reviewed article
  • UF: Scholarly publication
  • UF: Newspaper article
  • BT: Reference
  • BT: Periodical
  • Examples of Resources

Rounding Numbers -

Science of Eggs -

Origami from Mathworld -


  • Definition: Anything made by human art and workmanship; an artificial product.
  • Source of term: GEM
  • Source of definition: Oxford English Dictionary
  • RT: Physical Object (Dublin Core Type Term)


  • Definition: Resource [Service? Is "resource" too generic?] where one can submit questions for personal response to either an individual or group of people who have specific expertise in the area of interest.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Source of defintion: DLESE


  • Definition: Resource used to evaluate or measure progress, development, ability, skill, understanding, knowledge, or achievement.
  • Source of term: iLumina
  • Source of definition: iLumina
  • UF: Self-Assessment
  • UF: Test
  • Example of a Resource

Physlet Force Concept Inventory: Collision ( also in Simulation)


  • Definition: A list often with descriptive or critical notes of writings relating to a particular subject, period, or author.
  • Source of term: EdNA
  • Source of definition: Merriam-Webster Online
  • UF: References


  • Definition: Recording of a newscast, talk show, or other presentation originally generated via the airwaves.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • UF: Radio Broadcast
  • UF: Telecast
  • UF: Webcast
  • UF: Screencast
  • UF: Kinescope
  • UF: Video

Career Information

  • Definition: Resource that describes specific STEM careers or provides insight into the skills needed and the tasks performed by people in specific careers. May feature camps, internship programs, or informational programs which inform and support individuals interested in pursuing STEM careers.
  • Source of term: ENC
  • Question: Is this term a genre term or a subject category? If the former, do we want to specify the topic area (STEM) or keep the term general?
  • NOTE: Suggest deletion, since Career information is not really a learning resource

Case Study

  • Definition: Resource offering intensive analysis of an individual unit (as a person or community) stressing developmental factors in relation to environment or a scientific study of a specific location or region.
  • Alternative Definition: A detailed study of the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time; a particular instance used to illustrate a thesis or principle. (Compact Oxford English Dictionary)
  • Source of Term: DLESE
  • Source of definition: DLESE

Catalog Record

  • NOTE: Suggest deletion, since Catalog Record is not really a learning resource


  • Definition: Resource with links to other sites organized around a topic or topics.
  • Alternative Definition: A central agency for the collection, classification, and distribution especially of information; broadly : an informal channel for distributing information or assistance (Merriam-Webster Online)
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Source of definition: DLESE
  • RT: Portal
  • Note: Second sentence of original definition deleted


  • Definition: A set of teaching and learning materials intended to achieve a wide range of objectives over an extended period of time.
  • Source of term: iLumina
  • Source of definition: iLumina
  • NT: Syllabus
  • NT: Presentation
  • NT: Activity
  • BT: Curriculum


  • Definition: A program of study.
  • Source of term: DLESE, GEM
  • Source of definition: DLESE
  • NT: Course

Data Set

  • Definition: A collection of data elements in the form of a list, table, or database intended for use with another learning resource.
  • Alternative Definition: An organised collection of data with a common theme. (GIS Dictionary)
  • Source of term: iLumina
  • Source of defintition: iLumina
  • UF: Dataset
  • RT: Dataset (Dublin Core Type Term)


  • Definition: Resource that uses a video or audio recording to show or explain a procedure, process, or principle. Note a verbal explanation is not required, the explanation may be implied through an action. This is distinct from simulations in that demonstrations have real objects in them as opposed to representations.
  • Alternative definition: An illustration or explanation, as of a theory or product, by exemplification or practical application. (American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed.)
  • RT: Simulation
  • RT: Experiment
  • Examples of Resources

Explosion of Pure Hydrogen Gas

Conductivity of Strong Electrolyte Solution


  • Definition: A scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.
  • Source of term: IEEE-LOM
  • Source of definition: Compact Oxford English Dictionary
  • UF: Laboratory experiment
  • RT: Demonstration


  • Definition: Prose literature, especially novels, describing imaginary events and people.
  • Scope note: Do not use for technical documentation and guides, or field and instructor's guides
  • Note: Eliminated 'book" from the term, moved former definition exclusions to scope note.


  • Definition: A formatted document containing blank fields that users can fill in with data
  • Source of definition: Webopedia
  • UF: Webform


  • Definition: A meeting or medium for an exchange of views.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • DLESE Definition: Interface where a group of individuals can engage in text-based talk about a particular subject. May or may not be synchronous.
  • Source of definition: Compact Oxford English Dictionary
  • UF: Discussion
  • UF: Listserv
  • UF: Message Board
  • Note substituted more general definition.


  • Definition: An activity designed to teach about a certain subject or help learn a skill.
  • Source of term: IEEE-LOM
  • Source of definition: Wikipedia (see educational games)
  • UF: Educational games


  • Definition: An alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations.
  • Source of definition: Compact Oxford English Dictionary
  • UF: Wordlist


  • Definition: Visual matter used to clarify or decorate a text.
  • Source of definition: American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed.
  • UF: Diagram
  • UF: Graph
  • UF: Drawing
  • UF: Chart
  • BT: Image (Dublin Core Type Term)
  • RT: Photograph

Instructor Guide

  • Definition: Supporting resource for teachers regarding the use of learning materials with respect to learning objectives, classroom management, materials, assessment, and additional reference material.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • UF: Teacher Guide
  • UF: Teaching Guide
  • RT: Study Guide


  • Definition: Audio or text record of a speech or classroom instruction.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • NOTE: Indistinguishable from Presentation


  • Definition: Resource to support students' learning of specific concepts or content. May include teaching instructions (educational goals, learning objectives, procedures, etc.) or resources for direct student use ranging from printable text to interactive online activities.
  • Alternative Definition: A specific assignment to a student. (Wordsmyth)
  • Source of term: ENC
  • Source of definition: ENC
  • UF: Activity
  • UF: Classroom activity


  • Definition: Email based communication that is distributed to a member-based group of individuals via a single email address. Usually topic-focused.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • NOTE: Suggest deletion, since listserv is a product name; added to "forum" as UF


  • Definition: 2-D representation of a single point in time or space that illustrates fairly static physical features (e.g. topos, soil, road, bedrock maps, etc).
  • Alternative Definition: A representation usually on a flat surface of the whole or a part of an area (Merriam-webster Online)
  • Source of term: DLESE

Message Board

  • Definition: Interface whereby individuals can post information, requests or ideas for view by others.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Question: Again, is "interface" the proper descriptor?
  • NOTE: Suggest deletion, since Message Board is a a technique for discussion; added to "forum" as UF


  • Definition: Vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Source of definition: Merriam-Webster Online
  • Scope note: Use also for recordings and musical notation.
  • Note: Substituted more general definition and added scope note.

Nonfiction Book

  • Definition: Set of textual information about a subject with auxiliary information such as images, charts, and tables. Includes lab manuals.
  • Source of term: iLumina
  • Question: See questions on "Fiction Book." Also not all non-fiction includes images, etc. This looks like a dangerous catch all term.
  • NOTE: Suggest deletion, since Nonfiction book could be anything not fiction

Oral History

  • Definition: Recorded historical information obtained in interviews concerning personal experiences and recollections.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Scope note: includes oral history transcriptions
  • Note: Changed definition to eliminate "Tape-recorded" and added scope note.


  • Definition: Publication that is produced on some predictable schedule, such as weekly, monthly or annually.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Source of definition: DLESE
  • UF: Magazine
  • UF: Journal
  • NT: Article


  • Definition: A picture made by using a camera that records an image on a light-sensitive surface.
  • Source of definition: Wordsmyth
  • RT: Illustration


  • Definition: Document containing statements or series of steps for a particular way of accomplishing a goal.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • NOTE: Suggest remove: does not seem to be learning resource


  • Definition: Homepage that is the entrance to a large complex website holding a variety of related resources, hosted by a single organization or group of related organizations.
  • Alternative Definition: A website considered as an entry point to other websites, often by being or providing access to a search engine. (
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Source of definition: DLESE
  • RT: Clearinghouse


  • Definition: Unit of instruction organized and delivered by an instructor for the purpose of informing a group about a topic.
  • Alternative Definition: Something, such as a lecture or speech, that is set forth for an audience. (American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed.)
  • Source of term: iLumina
  • Source of definition: iLumina
  • UF: Lecture

Problem Set

  • Definition: Series of tasks or questions posed to the student, as in homework or other assignment.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Source of definition: DLESE
  • UF: Homework Assignment


  • Definition: Collection of papers or abstracts presented at a specific meeting or event.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • NOTE: Suggest deletion, Proceedings is a publishing format rather than learning resource.


  • Definition: Activity to extend or apply concepts taught in a course that usually culminates in a product.
  • Alternative Definition: A task or problem engaged in usually by a group of students to supplement and apply classroom studies. (Merriam-Webster Online)
  • Source of term: iLumina
  • BT: Course


  • Definition: Formal document that outlines a specific project, recommendation, plan or idea.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • NOTE: Suggest removal as proposals are not learning resources.


  • Definition: A source of information, ranging in size from a large compendium to something that is small and specialized, intended to be used as an authoritative source or to begin to research a topic.
  • Alternative definition: A comprehensive, systematically organized collection of information such as a dictionary, encyclopedia or almanac. (EdNA)
  • Source of term: ENC (revised)
  • NOTE: Changed level of name and definition to cover only the compendium level. Eliminated some examples.
  • NT: Article
  • Examples of Resources

Explore More: The Future of Energy

Encyclopedia Mythica


Remotely Sensed Imagery

  • Definition: Imagery generated from measuring devices that are not in direct contact with the medium they are measuring (e.g. radar or satellite imagery).
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • NOTE: Noun added to change form or term
  • UF: Satellite Imagery
  • UF: Radar Imagery


  • Definition: Detailed account or statement, often outlining the results or events of a meeting, endeavor, activity or study (e.g. review, evaluation).
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • RT: Assessment

Search Engine

  • Definition: Mechanism by which the WWW or some sub-component is searched based on a specific query entered by the user. Use when the search function offered is more extensive than simply "Search this site".
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • NOTE: Suggest remove, a search engine is not a learning resource.


  • Definition: Imitative representation, such as animations or artificial manipulations of photographs, of the function of a system, process, or principle. Note that the imitative nature of this distinguishes it from a demonstration.
  • Alternative definition: Representation of the operation or features of one process or system through the use of another. (American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed.)
  • Source of term: ENC
  • Source of definition: ENC
  • Examples of Resources

Physlet Force Concept Inventory: Collision ( also in Assessment)

Examine the phases of the moon from Earth and space.

Observe how sediments are deposited.


  • Definition: Definition: Information about or the complete text of state or national documents.
  • Source of term: ENC
  • UF: Frameworks
  • NOTE: Suggest remove, standards are not educational resources in the general sense.

Study Guide

  • Definition: A guide to provide students with content information and/or hints, techniques, or management ideas in a particular area.
  • Alternative Definition: A student tool used to help facilitate learning and comprehension of literature, research topics, history, and other subjects. Most study guides summarize chapters of novels or the important elements of the subject. (Wikipedia)
  • Source of term: RDN/LTSN
  • RT: Tutorial
  • RT: Instructor Guide


  • Definition: Plan showing the structure of a particular course, including course description and objectives, grading policy, materials, assignments, lesson sequence, and course calendar.
  • Source of term: iLumina
  • BT: Course


  • Definition: Resource providing comprehensive materials for specific topics; often includes chapters or other typical book components.
  • Source of term: ENC
  • RT: Course


  • Definition: Scholarly work as for an academic degree.
  • Alternative definition: A long essay or dissertation involving personal research, written as part of a university degree. (Compact Oxford English Dictionary)
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • UF: Dissertation


  • Definition: Resource that provides guided information about a specific subject.
  • Alternative definition: A session or course of concentrated instruction given by a tutor, often on a special topic. (Wordsmyth)
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • RT: Study guide


  • Definition: (e.g. clips, interviews, lectures movies, etc.).
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • NOTE: Suggest remove, this is really a physical format not a genre; added UF under broadcast.

Field Trip

  • Definition: A trip or excursion to a place, often by a group of students or the like, to gain firsthand information, knowledge, or experience. Includes descriptions or plans for actual field trips as well as virtual field trips.
  • Source of term: DLESE
  • Source of definition: Wordsmyth
  • NOTE: Removed 'virtual' and generalized definition.
  • UF: Virtual Field Trip


  • Definition: A web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles, written by one person or a group.
  • Source of term: ENC
  • Source of definition: Wikipedia (revised)
  • UF: Web Log
  • UF: Blog


  • Definition: Broadcast captured digitally from the web.
  • NOTE: Suggest remove, included UF under 'Broadcast'

Documentation for sources of terms:




Compact Oxford English Dictionary


Merriam-Webster Online

GIS Dictionary

American Heritage Dictionary 4th ed.

[ Hyperdictionary]


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