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Collections Development Work Group

The NSDL Collections Development Work Group was established during the first NSDL All Project meeting in Washington DC in September of 2000. The history of this working group September 2000 through November of 2001 is documented at

The mission statement for the working group is: To promote and assist in the development of the collection of the National Sciencec Digital Library (NSDL). This implies defining the scope of the NSDL, helping all NSF-NSDL funded collections to contribute their metadata to the NSDL central repository, and seeking out and helping other collections not funded as part of the NSF-NSDL to become metadata contributors to the NSDL collection as well.

The NSDL Collection Development Working Group is currently made up of the following people:

  • Vivian Lee Ward NSDL Policy Committee-December 2001-present
  • Sarah Giersch
  • Susan Jesuroga
  • John M.Saylor Chair-December 2001-September 2006
  • Linda Bettis Akli
  • Lang Moore
  • Christopher Klaus
  • Frank Settle
  • Joan Gosink
  • Marti Ruzek
  • Kim Roempler
  • Kim Kastens
  • Barbara Defelice
  • Dave Mogk
  • Dogan Seber
  • Christopher Dileonardo
  • Muniram Budhu
  • Maliaca Oxnam
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