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CRS replacement requirements

Collection editing

  • Maintain collection information required for harvests
    • Title
    • Description
    • much additional metadata as can be had
    • Brand information
    • For collections that provide metadata items:
      • Metadata Provider (Collection equivalent)
      • Aggregation associated with harvested metadata for the above Provider.
      • Base-URL of the OAI service
      • Sets to harvest
      • Metadata format to harvest
      • Frequency of the harvest
  • Services from the Collection Manager:
    • Provides an RSS feed of collections with the most recent updates
    • CRS/NCS stores collection information
    • All CRS collection information is in a mySQL database on

  • RSS feed of new in the library information:
  • Browse By Collection:

  • Some references from Alex: links:  (under "Basic Digital Library Use", section 1, 4th bullet AND under section "What Can I Do at", 4th bullet)   (Left nav item "Collections")
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