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Under Construction
Proposed method for inclusion in NDR/API 2.x.

Please provide feedback and comments in the NSDL Data Repository (NDR) API 2.0 Forum of the NSDL Community Forums.

NDR API Documentation - listAnnotationIdentifiers

List identifying information about annotations controlled by an application optionally limiting to a specified Collection.

Request URL[handle]?pageSize=[pageSize]
where [handle] and [pageSize] are defined in the Arguments section.
May be an HTTP GET or POST request.


Parameters on Request URL:

  • [handle] (optional) - the externally resolvable identifier of the collection (returned by addCollection) NOTE: If passed in, annotations are limited to those in the specified collection; otherwise, all annotations are returned.
  • [pageSize] (optional) - number of records to return at a time. If smaller than that total number of matching records, a resumption token will be provided.

Request URL Example

Below is an example of a request URL for listing identifying information about annotations.


Structure of response:

  • additional primary elements
    • resumptionToken - used to get the next page of records NOTE: empty if this is the last page
    • currentPage - page count of the current set of returned records
    • recordsInCurrentPage - count of the number of records returned in this page
    • totalNumberOfPages - number of pages holding all records matching the request
    • totalNumberOfRecords - total number of records matching the request
  • each annotation
    • header
      • handle - the externally resolvable identifier for the annotation.
      • handleURL - the permanent URL to an XML representation of the annotation in the NDR.
      • externalIdentifier - application specific identifier that can be stored to facilitate retrieval by applications
      • XMLFormat - id of the format of the returned annotation
      • annotatesHandle - the externally resolvable identifier for the object being annotated.
      • annotatesHandleURL- the permanent URL to an XML representation in the NDR of the object being annotated.
      • collectionName - name of the collection that holds this annoation
      • collectionHandle - the externally resolvable identifier for the Collection
      • agentName - name of the agent application responsible for the Collection that holds this annotation
      • agentHandle - the externally resolvable identifier for the Agent

Response Example

Below is an example response for this request.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<NSDLDataRepository schemaVersion="1.00.000" 
      <externalIdentifier source="NCS">CLC-000-000-000-061</externalIdentifier>
      <collectionName>Concepts Library Collaborative</collectionName>
      <externalIdentifier source="NCS">CLC-000-000-000-062</externalIdentifier>
      <collectionName>Concepts Library Collaborative</collectionName>

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