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Welcome to the National SMETE Digital Library
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NSDL All Projects Meeting
Washington D.C.
Dec 2, 2001 at 6:00 pm to Dec 4, 2001 at 2:00 pm

Join the nsdl-all discussion group to get information on the NSDL by email

This Community Center was developed to provide a one-stop shop for information about the National SMETE Digital Library program.

The Pathways to Progress whitepaper describes the community's vision for building the National SMETE Digital Library. This paper is the result of the collabrorative efforts of the NSDL workgroups and is the result of their work during 2000-2001, the first year of the NSDL program.

This website was developed as a service to
the National SMETE Digital Library community.

Last Updated:September 26, 2001, by the SMETE.ORG Team